Axit Assessment

This is an in-depth analysis of your movement and postural patterns and is effective in finding imbalances that can cause an increased risk of injury during training or physical activity.

What does Axit Assessment involve?

An AxIT Assessment involves a comprehensive series of movement tests using three devices to gain valuable objective data on how you move.

These assessments may be performed in session or as a standalone service to help guide our management plan and get the best possible outcomes for your health and fitness!

Axit helps to:

  • Measure your movement baselines. What can you do right now?
  • Measure imbalances in the way you move.  Is there something holding you back?
  • Track your progression over time.  Is the plan in place being effective?
  • Keep you motivated to succeed. See your improvement every step of the way.

Who would benefit from this?:

  • Recreational athletes returning to the sport after an injury
  • Individuals with a history of injury looking to stop recurrences
  • Individuals returning to a physical job after an injury
  • Individuals returning to physical activity after a period of inactivity
  • Any person wanting to improve their balance and sports performance
  • Companies wishing to test employees to minimise and prevent workplace injury
  • Individuals with long term joint or muscle pain (including arthritis)

Includes a report and recommended corrective exercises which can be integrated with your current training programme.