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A radical way of treating Parkinson's disease symptoms is getting results at Active Life Physiotherapy at South Tweed with Physiotherapists saying it offers "hope after diagnosis". The program called PD Warrior is an exercise philosophy designed by leading Specialist Neurology Physio's in Sydney and has been proven to be effective in helping slow the progression of Parkinson's Disease. Bringing together the latest evidence with the experience and success of training thousands of people, PD Warrior proves that exercise is medicine. What makes PD Warrior so effective, is its proactive approach to exercise and improving quality of life and it is a program unlike any other available.

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life. It is quite common, with approximately 80,000 Australians, including over 17,000 Queenslanders living with Parkinson's. The average age of diagnosis is 65 years, however younger people can be diagnosed with Parkinson's too.

Physiotherapist Matthew Gray is running the program. He states that while there is still no cure available for Parkinson's, the program is aimed to slow the effects of the disease and most participants experience significant improvement in their symptoms:

We're trying to tap into the brains natural ability to rewire itself. The program is far more than just exercise, focusing on helping participants to feel empowered and get back in the drivers seat as well as helping them to join up with a community of people who are like minded and proactive.

About the Company: Active Life Physiotherapy has been providing Physiotherapy and rehab services to the Tweed Region for 6 years with the staff having a combined 50 years experience in Physiotherapy. They are accredited providers of the PD Warrior program.



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