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Low Back Pain Exercise Program

Do you want to eliminate Low Back Pain permanently?

Remove Pain While Changing The Way You Move and Think!

The Low Back Pain Active Rehabilitation System is a structured and easy to follow exercise program specifically designed to help you move with confidence.

Our program is unlike any other exercise program currently available because it suits all levels of ability and fitness including:

  • People with significant back, neck, shoulder and hip pain
  • Post-surgical patients
  • Preparing your body for Pilates or general exercise, no matter what your condition
  • The Industrial Athlete (manual worker) wanting to get back to work
  • Desk workers suffering postural pain and overuse issues
  • Elite athletes looking for that performance edge
  • and anybody wanting to fulfil their physical and mental potential.

Our Low Back Pain Active Rehabilitation system is easy, motivating and challenging no matter what your condition. This will change your way of moving and thinking like nothing you’ve experienced before.

This program is designed to move you beyond pain to a place where you are confident to move in dynamic activities and to significantly decrease your rate of recurrence.

Whether this is your first episode of Low Back Pain or you have ongoing issues, this program is for you.

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