Returning to sport after a long break

You’ve been away from sports, perhaps due to injury, career or family. But now sport beckons again! Try these tips to return to where you left off without injuring yourself.

Follow a beginner’s schedule. Your brain remembers movements and form, from long ago (called “muscle memory”) but your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints have likely stiffened up. Trying to pick up where you stopped long ago is sure to injure you.

  • Go slow and listen to your body. If it protests loudly, stop what you’re doing.
  • Try compound movements where more muscle groups that are involved. Later you can focus on isolated exercises.
  • Join others who are training. It will motivate you.
  • And cut yourself plenty of slack. One day soon you’ll make it back to your old level. But for now, enjoy the journey!

Remember: whether you’re playing sports for fun, exercise or competition, we can help you.