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Specific Muscle Activation prior to Exercise.
It's a great idea as part of your warm up before exercise to work on some specific muscle activation exercises for the muscle groups you will be using in the activity you're about to do. The purpose of this type of warm up is to get your brain "switching on" or connecting with the appropriate muscle groups required to carry out your activity safely. This is more beneficial than traditional static stretching and flexibility exercises as it excites the muscle groups required.
Number one for me is the posterior chain - the muscles of the mid back, low back, buttock, hamstrings and calf. These get lazy when you're sitting all day can be considered the back core muscles.
Number 2 is your front core which helps support your pelvis, back and rib cage.
Give these warm up exercises a try and let us know how you go!
Matt and the team at Active Life Physio


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