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Are you sick of back pain that never completely goes away?

Do you want to feel more confident in your body, get a flatter tummy and improver your posture?

Would you like to be able to pick up your grand kids without worrying about hurting yourself? We've been helping our Pilates clients achieve these things for 6 years.


At Active Life Physio we believe Pilates is for everyone and have a variety of classes to suit all levels.  We have introductory classes for beginners, Reformer Pilates for those looking for a workout,  Clinical Physio led classes if you're recovering from an injury and Barre classes if you want to mix up your workout.  All classes run for 50 minutes.


Introductory specials:

Introductory offers for new clients only

Single intro class: $12

6 classes: $60

Valid 1 month (not including Clinical)

Unlimited classes: $100

Valid 1 month (not including Clinical)

Clinical quick-start program: $180

Suitable if you're recovering from injury or have an underlying condition. Normally $350; includes assessment, 2 private sessions (30 minutes each) and 3 group sessions (50 minutes each).



Available to all clients; purchase packs and save! Packs valid one year.

Fitness packs:

  • Reformer Pilates single $25
  • Reformer Pilates 5 pack $110 ($22/class)
  • Reformer Pilates 10 Pack $200 ($20/class)
  • Refomer Pilates 30 Pack $540 ($18/class)
  • These can be used for intro to reformer and Barre classes.

Clinical packs:

Health fund rebates may apply.

  • Assessment $70
  • 1-on-1 $70
  • Single class $35
  • 5 Pack $150 ($30/class)
  • 10 Pack $282 ($28/class)
  • 30 Pack $750 ($25/class)


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At Active Life Physio and Pilates, we love teaching Pilates, not only because it can be a full body workout but it's also low impact and easy on the joints, so anyone can do it! Our Pilates people are regular people wanting to get fit, healthy, tone, and live an active lifestyle.

A chance for you to focus on no one but yourself: whilst improving your core strength and flexibility, so that you not only look good, but feel mentally clearer as well.

Group classes are a maximum of 5 people, so you get that one on one time with your instructor to make sure you're doing the exercise correctly and feel comfortable and at ease. We are so passionate about what this unique form of exercise can do fo your.

In 10 sessions your will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, in 30 sessions you will have a new body
- Joseph Pilates


Pilates is a total body conditioning program. It is a unique, safe and effective form of exercise that:

  • Increases core strength
  • Removes low back for good
  • Improves posture,
  • Improves flexibility,
  • Increases body awareness,
  • Improve sports performance through a stronger core
  • Reduces risk of injury

Clinical Approach to PilatesPilates run by a Physiotherapist qualifies for rebates under your private health fund, so your out of pocket expense is minimal.

Our Physios are skilled in a clinical approach to Pilates as a way to rehabilitate clients from injury to normal function or for those wanting to incorporate the great benefit of Pilates as part of their overall fitness program.

We run regular small group equipment classes, fully supervised by an experienced Physiotherapist with special training in Pilates.

Bookings are essential. This is important so we are able to structure the classes, keep class sizes small and maximize quality supervision.

If classes are not for you we offer private sessions, or why not get a few friends together – we only need 3 people to start a new class at a time that suits you?

Clinical Pilates

Gym Pilates 2




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