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It’s a sad fact, but one in five Australians suffer from chronic pain1. If you have nagging muscular or joint pain from an old injury or illness, you don’t have to live a life of discomfort and immobility. Active Life Physiotherapy offers effective pain reduction and mobility solutions that don’t require dangerous drugs or surgeries. Our experienced physiotherapists use the latest industry-endorsed techniques such as massage, hydrotherapy and specialised exercises to get you moving around and feeling better.

Helping you achieve the results you want

You know that sports stars aren’t born; they’re made. They rise to the top through countless hours of strength training, high-intensity cardio exercises, and uncompromising core work. While you may not grace the cover of Inside Sport, you have the aches and pains that come with giving 110 per cent to your sport of choice. When you want safe pain relief that will help you to pedal faster, work out harder, or run longer, Active Life Physiotherapy can put you on the road to increased athletic performance minus the pain.

Active Life Physiotherapy also brings potent pain relief and restores range of motion to aging athletes. If chronic pain has stopped you from getting back in the gym or participating in your favourite sport, then contact Active Life Physiotherapy to speak with an APA accredited sports physiotherapist. We’ll do a thorough exam and discuss treatment options that are just right for your needs. With the help of our Tweed physios, you’ll be ready to teach your grandson how to throw his first curve ball.

Ongoing exercise classes for all levels

Physiotherapy isn’t just for the elite and aspiring athletes. If your body is stiff and tight, or even if you’ve been diagnosed with ailments such as Parkinson’s Disease (PD) or arthritis, you know that doing ordinary things such as eating, house work, or even sitting can be painful. Recent research shows that exercise helps to lessen the effects of certain musculoskeletal ailments. At Active Life Physiotherapy, we support client wellness through our PD Warrior and Pilates programs that are led by our trained, certified physiotherapists. These physio-led exercises classes cater for all levels of fitness, flexibility and mobility and can help you regain a more active lifestyle.

Recovering from trauma

Our nation’s Gold Coast region is a magnet for tourists. Extra cars on the roads often equate to more car accidents. Combine this with work related risk factors such as dangerous or repetitive manual tasks and the list of injuries rises sharply. Many trauma sufferers in Tweeds Head and Coolangatta don’t seek medical attention immediately after an incident because they don’t feel pain right away. Sometimes it can take several months for you to even notice an injury. If you’re experiencing pain that’s caused by a new or old injury, it’s time that you stop suffering in silence. Give Active Life Physiotherapy a call to see a physiotherapist for back pain as well as for neck and shoulder discomfort.

At Active Life Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists improve client quality of life by dramatically reducing pain and increasing mobility. Besides giving hands-on, in-office treatments, our Tweed Coast physios teach you life-changing pain management methods that you can use at home. By partnering with Active Life Physiotherapy, you can get back to living your best life with the ones that you love.

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